It's time for art class..
No more struggling to piece together art lessons that add up to an inspired art education.

Can you imagine...

An easy to follow art curriculum built on the idea of connecting the elements of art, art history, and hands on fun art projects.

Step by step video lessons- I do all the teaching. You can share these lessons with your students both virtually and in person!

All projects use a few basic, easy to find art materials- so you’re sure to have what you need!

Your students will be rewarded with real creative experiences in which they can experience the success and joy of making their own inspired artworks.

Stop spending hours planning and researching what's next- it’s all spelled out for you!

If any of this sounds like a dream I want you to know that it's all possible! And I know that, because I've been exactly where you are now and have created this proven resource that will make it easy for you to give your kids an amazing art education!

If you're ready to go from being a teacher that’s stringing together random one off lessons to being relaxed and confident in what comes next but you need someone who's been there done that to guide the way...​

I created the Artists and the Elements digital course just for you & your students!

Ad free, safe art instruction to share  

Pre-recorded video content means you can access it anytime.  

Downloadable video content that you can share with your student through the platform of your district's choice 

Lifetime access to lessons and content

This is a complete visual arts curriculum for elementary and middle school students, delivered to you in digital course form!

"I have used it before to supplement my classroom teaching but I purchased the resource for doing Distance Learning. It is fantastic!" -Amanda

"My kids love art but I lack the skills to teach it. I love offering them your expertise and sweet approach to teaching art." -Mary

"I love the clarity and ease of use. I can use this resource with kids of all ages!" -Catherine

Here's How the Program Breaks Down...

Each of the seven chapters features one element of art and focuses on that element in the following ways..

Element of art printables to teach basic concepts and vocabulary

Video lessons to introduce each element of art with a coordinating one page printable.

Playful process art based  opportunies to incorporate each element into your student’s daily life.
Links to dozens of additional  Kitchen Table Classroom lessons that focus on each element.
Book lists make teaching through literature easy.
Study famous artists that feature each element of art through printable resources, suggested literature and web resources.
Feature projects are inspired by the studied artist. Using only basic supplies your student will apply what they learned while allowing lots of room for their own individual artistic style!

Each of the seven feature projects is taught in a step by step manner through downloadable video lessons! 

Let me make the art teaching easy!

"I wanted to enrich my at-home activities for my quarantined kids, especially my 7 year old, who adores art projects. This made it easy to do that!" -Ellayna

"This program gave me the ability to help students see and discuss the parts of ANY art they see without narrowing them into all producing nearly identical products." -Summer

Seven feature projects....
Each chapter culminates in a feature project inspired by the artists and
element studied.  Each project will...

Ask students to make their own artistic choices- not just follow directions.

Learn new technical skills and techniques by using basic art supplies in new ways .

Apply what they've learned about each element and artist in a hands on, creative way.

Produce unique works of art that reflect your student's heart and mind- not just cookie cutter crafts!

Yes, I want the Artists and the Elements  digital course today!

Seven element of art printables with downloadable video tutorials

Seven artist studies with background information

Dozens of connected KTC resources

Seven feature projects with step by step instructions delivered through step by step video lessons

Playful process art invitations

Literature and web resources 

A year of fully planned art lessons for just $97

Enroll right now and you'll also get access to these special, limited-time bonuses...

Bonus #1: 28 Printable Artist Trading Cards
You’ll get 28 full color printable artist trading cards.  Perfect for use in discussion, sketchbook inspiration, classroom decoration, memory games, and more!  

($14 value)

Bonus #2: Symmetry Printables & Video Lesson
The concept of symmetry is simple with three hands on symmetry printables. Plus...I’ve included a favorite symmetry lesson - in the form of a VIDEO LESSON!

($19 value)

Bonus #3: Next Steps @ KTC

Next Steps @ KTC is a password protected page that provides an outline of each element of art and provides links to dozens of existing projects on KTC that are easily relatable to that element.

($14 value)


Use this set of 21 interactive Google Slides make it easy to introduce the seven featured artists whether your students are near or far!

($23 value)


The Artists and the Elements Guarantee
We're behind you 100%

I'm so confident that you and our students will thrive while using the resources within my Artists and the Elements digital course that I'm willing to offer a money back guarantee. 

Use the Artists and the Elements with your kids.  Try it.

If you don't love them send me an email and I'll refund your money, 100%.


I'm Jodi.

I've taught the visual arts in public schools, private schools, museum education programs, co-op programs, summer camps- you name it! I've even taught my own four kids as a homeschool mama for the past five years.

I'm passionate about exposing kids to the visual arts ad inspiring a love and appreciation for the creation process that will last their whole lives.
I want to use what I've learned over the past twenty years as a mom and a teacher to make it easy for you to inspire your own students!

Sue Anne
Learning Center Teacher

"I love the energy you share and that you encourage mistakes, testing, and trying new things. You encourage me to remember how fun learning can be!"

Homeschool Mom

"I love that we can take an organized approach to learning art with the help of KTC. I've recommended Kitchen Table Classroom to SO many friends, be they parents or teachers. I love it!"

If you're still reading, there's something holding you back.

You may be asking yourself...

Are my kids the right age to benefit from this resource?

The Artists and the Elements is best suited for kids from elementary through middle school. It's easy to adapt to your student's needs because of the extension activities provided. Pick and choose what best suits the needs of your students and dive in!

 Do I need to be an artist myself to use this to teach my students?

Absolutely not!  You do not need to have amazing artistic skill or a mass of art history knowledge in order to give your kids an amazing creative experiences. I'll walk you through each step of instruction, from full video lessons to providing you with prompts and encouragement that you can pass along to your students!

 I'm a teacher.  How can I use these lessons?

My terms of use agreement allows you to use the printable portions and downloadable video lessons in this course with any and all of your students. Your purchase allows you a single use license of this digital resource. It may be used for personal classroom use only. You may duplicate this resource for each of your own students- whether in print or digitally.

Will I need to invest in a lot of expensive, specific art supplies to create the featured projects?
The Artists and the Elements uses a list of super basic supplies for all of the projects included.  We'll be using watercolor paints, oil pastels, pencil, marker, and paper- that's about it!  No more starting a project only to find out you're missing one key material!

 Will you accept a purchase order from my school?

Yes, I will be glad to accept a purchase order from your school.  Shoot me an email at and we can get the process started today!

Get the Artists and the Elements Today!
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Artists and the Elements E-book (Valued at $29)

BONUS- Printable Artist Trading Cards (Valued at $14)

BONUS- Symmetry Printables & Video Lesson (Valued at $19)

BONUS- Access to Next Steps @ KTC web page (valued @ $14)

BONUS- 21 interactive Google Slides to reach your students near and far (valued at $23)

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