Teach the principles of design to your students..
I've created all the resources you need to support introducing the principles of design to your students!

Picture this...

Printable principles of design resources for display and student use

Resources that introduce concepts and check for understanding

Stop spending hours searching for the best resources and displays- everything is right here in this bundle

These resources are just what you've been looking for!

I've been in your shoes- wasting precious minutes searching for just the right resources when I should be engaging  with my students. 

These printable resources are just what you need to reinforce these

concepts as a part of your existing lesson plans!

If you're ready to stop wasting time on Pinterest & TPT searching for the perfect printables just download these easy resources and add them into to your lessons!

I created the Principles Illustrated just for you!

These elements of art posters will be delivered to your inbox in two size- 8 x 10 and 16 x 24. Choose your size for super easy printing.

Black and white pages for easy printing...

Each page of this printable book features a different principle of design. A simple definition and a place to draw their own interpretation of each principle is a great introduction to the elements! 


Five different printable worksheets help to reinforce vocabulary and the definitions of the principles of design and other related concepts!

Here's how this bundle of resources breaks down...

You'll get resources to support teaching each of the principles of design...

✅ 8 full color posters, sized to print in two sizes
✅  Printable principles of design book
✅  5 additional pages of puzzles and word searches
✅  BONUS- Google Slides to help you teach your students no matter the distance! 

"These resources are simple, clear, and focused on what is important." 


"I found the "Illustrated" bundles to be really helpful in simplifying what I can sometimes overcomplicate." 


Yes, I want the Principles Illustrated today!

Eight principle of design posters for display

Printable principles of design book

Five pages of puzzles to reinforce concepts and vocabulary

Get all of these resources for just $17!

Enroll right now and you'll also get access to this special, limited-time bonuses...
BONUS- Interactive Principles of Design Google Slides Activity ( $14 value)

Nine Google Slides will introduce new concepts as well as check for understanding with their interactive nature.

Google offers a super simple way to deliver these "done for you" slides to one student or a hundred students.

The complete set of Elements & Principles Google Slides Resources sells for $ 14- with none of the printable resources above.

You get the Principles Illustrated Google Slides as a FREE bonus when you purchase the Principles Illustrated Digital bundle!

The Principles Illustrated Guarantee
We're behind you 100%

I'm so confident that you and our students will thrive while using the resources within my Principles Illustrated Bundle that I'm willing to offer a money back guarantee. 

Use the Principles Illustrated with your kids.  Try it.

If you don't love them send me an email and I'll refund your money, 100%.


I'm Jodi.

I've taught the visual arts in public schools, private schools, museum education programs, co-op programs, summer camps- you name it! I've even taught my own four kids as a homeschool mama for the past five years.

I'm passionate about exposing kids to the visual arts ad inspiring a love and appreciation for the creation process that will last their whole lives.
I want to use what I've learned over the past twenty years as a mom and a teacher to make it easy for you to inspire your own students!

Sue Anne
Learning Center Teacher

"I love the energy you share and that you encourage mistakes, testing, and trying new things. You encourage me to remember how fun learning can be!"

Homeschool Mom

"I love that we can take an organized approach to learning art with the help of KTC. I've recommended Kitchen Table Classroom to SO many friends, be they parents or teachers. I love it!"

If you're still reading, there's something holding you back.

You may be asking yourself...

Are my kids the right age to benefit from this resource?

The Principles Illustrated is best suited for kids from elementary through middle school. It's easy to adapt to your student's needs because of the variety of resources provided. Pick and choose what best suits the needs of your students and dive in!

 How many lessons are included in the Principles Illustrated digital bundle?

The Elements Illustrated in not a bundle of step by step lesson plans. Rather it is a bundle of digital resources that support your existing lesson plans.

Will I need to invest in a lot of expensive, specific art supplies to use these resources
The Principles Illustrated uses super basic supplies to complete the student printables. Paper, pencil, and pen are all that's required. These printables are easy for kids to complete at home or school.

 I'm a teacher. How do the terms of use allow me to share these resources with my students?

Your purchase allows you a single use license of this digital resource. It may be used for personal classroom use only.
-You may duplicate this resource for each of your own students- whether in print or digitally.
-This resource may not be changed in any way with the intent to sell or distribute.
-You may not share or distribute this resource through file sharing websites, host them on your own website, blog, server, or educational websites. Websites which are accessed by students only are acceptable.

 Will you accept a purchase order from my school?

Yes, I will be glad to accept a purchase order from your school.  Shoot me an email at and we can get the process started today!

Get the Principles Illustrated today!
Get access to the Principles Illustrated today for just $17!

✅ Elements Illustrated Digital Bundle (Valued at $17)

✅BONUS- Principles of Design Google Slides (Valued at $14)

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- 7 one page elements of art student printables

- 3 printable books (line, color, and elements of art)

- 4 printable worksheets & puzzle pages

- PLUS- a nine page element of art Google Slides activity

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